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Fun all the way!

Kikk is a new electric scooter sharing company in the center of Reykjavík. We offer powerful electric scooters that are fun to ride and useful for shorter trips.

Kikk off!

Download the Ride-Fleet app and use Promo Code: KIKK and start the fun.

Kikk trips are environmentally friendly and fun!

Once you have downloaded the ride-fleet app and created an account, you will find the Kikk scooter and unlock it in the app. You kick off and push the throttle on the steering wheel and Hókus Pókus! The fun Kikk journey has begun.



At the end of the trip – Make sure the Kikk scooter is ready for the next rider by ending your trip in the app. Sharing is a virtue.

Be safe

Let’s use a helmet. One person on each scooter. Follow the law and behave.

We use bike paths and sidewalks

Roads can be dangerous.

Park responsibly

Do not block paths and sidewalks, respect others.

The Kikk area

We love downtown and that’s why we start there. The dark area shows where you can find Kikk scooters in the city center along with places in Laugardalur and Perlan. It is allowed to ride further but the Kikk scooters must be returned within the marked areas. Over time, the service area will grow.

Frequently asked questions

How much does it cost to rent a scooter?
The starting fee is 100 ISK and then 30 ISK per minute. Example: It would cost 250 ISK to rent a Kikk scooter for 5 minutes.
Which kind of scooters do you offer?
Our electric scooters are from the latest generation of Segway, called Segway Max. They are made to withstand wind and weather. The Max scooters are equipped with efficient brakes that work on the front and rear wheel. They have air-filled 10-inch tires that provide cushioning on uneven ground. They have a wide platform and they are long-range, powerful and able to maintain speed even up fairly steep slopes. The maximum speed is 25 km/h which is in accordance with Icelandic laws.
Where can I ride Kikk scooters?
They are allowed in a rather big area in Reykjavík, but they have to be returned within the designated area which is downtown, in a few places in Laugardalur and by Perlan. They must be left properly in obvious places and made sure not be be obstructing other pedestrians or drivers.
Is a helmet required?
We strongly recommend using a helmet. Then the risk of serious head injury is greatly reduced.
What to do in case of a malfunction?
Check the brakes, light and tires. The look for visible damages. In case you notice any of the above or the scooter work, the please contact
How can I be careful?
It’s fun to ride a Kikk scooter but you still need to be careful. We always have to keep both hands on the steering wheel. Slow down when there are any obstacles ahead on show other consideration. In slippery conditions like wet or snow, we have be extra careful and like to remind to use a Helmet.
Er aldurstakmark?
18 years oand older can use Kikk scooters.

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